Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 159 - Settlement

THAT'S RIGHT!!!! Today we got the keys. Let's not get too excited though because not everything is finished yet. Due to the wedding and also my site supervisor's wife due to have a baby in the next week or two Metricon pushed the settlement a little forward to ensure we had the keys after we came back from our Honeymoon to move straight in.

In the meantime Metricon are going to keep working on the house, we're still waiting on the floorboards which are booked in to be installed next week. The light globes were fixed, painting touch-ups done, bolts installed..all be it one deadlock on the wrong door, but they are going to just keep that one there and put in another deadbolt on the external door.

Yesterday the deck was installed, the fences are in the process of being installed and everything has come up looking great. Now I just have to get the deck in at some point, hopefully before Christmas.

We're going to have a nice surprise after the wedding, coming back to find the floorboards in which will really finish off the house. Our site supervisor is also going to get the house cleaned again even though we have the keys etc, given there is still a bit of work for them to do.

This is the front of the house on the settlement day with the deck installed.

How much water they used....
The kitchen with the light globes all fixed.
The fence pretty much done.
I'll upload some pics of the floorboards once I have them........I'll also post a few more things up when I have time re the experience Metricon was, some tips etc.

Glad we can finally call the place ours!

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  1. Woo - great news! What we like is that instead of 284 days, it's only 159. Makes us feel better for them quoting 370 days for our house!

    Love the splashback in the kitchen - we chose to upgrade to gloss vinyl wrap as well, with a grey glass splashback; colours are kind of similar to yours!